48th Annual Stanford Powwow

5:00pm // Indian Art Market Opens; 

Dancer & Drum Registration Opens

5:30pm // Toulomme Me-wuk Dancers

7:00pm // GRAND ENTRY; Invocation; Welcome Address; Introduction of Head Staff, Flags and Eagle Staff, and Visiting Royalty

8:00pm // Intertribals - Social Dances;

Tiny Tots

8:30pm // 1st Round, Dance Competition - All Categories

9:30pm // Men's Chicken Committee Special - Round 1

10:00pm // Closing Song and Dance Out

8:00am // 23rd Annual Fun Run

11:00am // Indian Market Opens

11:30am // Gourd Dancing; Dancer & Drum Registration Opens

1:00pm // GRAND ENTRY; Intertribals; Tiny Tots

2:00pm // Exhibition - Golden Age & Adult; Team Dance Committee Special 

3:00pm // 2nd Round, Dance Competition - Junior & Teen Categories

4:30pm // 1st Session - Hand Drum Contest; Stanford Native American Alumni Gathering

5:00pm // Dinner Break

5:30pm // Kaorihiva

6:00pm // LSJUMB

7:00pm // GRAND ENTRY; Intertribals

8:00pm // Exhibition - Junior & Teen; 2nd Round, Dance Competition - Golden Age & Adult

9:00pm // Mother-Daughter Special hosted by Head Woman; Men's Chicken Committee Special - Round 2

10:00pm // Closing Song and Dance Out

11:00am // Indian Market Opens

11:30am // Gourd Dancing

1:00pm // GRAND ENTRY; Intertribals

2:30pm // Honor Song - Mother's Day; Honor Song - 2019 Native Stanford Graduates

3:00pm // 3rd Round, Dance Competition - Adults; Exhibition - Golden Age, Junior, & Teens

5:00pm // Men's Southern Straight Special hosted by Head Man

5:30pm // 2nd Session - Hand Drum Contest

6:00pm // Closing Songs; Contest Winners Announced

Sponsored by the Stanford Powwow Planning Committee

P.O. Box 20090

Stanford, CA 94305

Phone: (650) 723-4078


Photo Courtesy of Dean Eyre III