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Dancer Information

See below for details on the Dancer Registration process and Dancer Contesting Rules, as well as additional information on contesting rules applying to dancers, judges, and singers.

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Dancer Registration

Dancer registration opens in-person at the registration booth

on Friday, May 10ᵗʰ at 5 p.m.

1.  We have zero tolerance for discrimination, harassment or bullying of any form.

Disruptive conduct (including physical/verbal abuse toward committee members, volunteers, participants/contestants, head staff, visitors, and others) will not be tolerated and may result in disqualification.

2.  Judging will be conducted on a point system. Points will be accumulated through participation in Grand Entries, exhibitions, and contests.


3.  Contestants may register in only one category, and may not switch categories upon registration.


4.  Contestants may register in only one committee-sponsored special, and may not switch specials upon registration.

Committee-sponsored specials will not include either the Head Man/Woman-sponsored specials or the Tiny Tot Special.


5.  Contestants must dance in their respective category contests to be eligible for contest prizes.


6. ​ Registration will only be accepted prior to the registration deadline.

(See online schedule/program for registration times)


7. ​ Contestant numbers must be clearly visible on the contestant.


8.  Contestants suspected of possessing or being under the influence of alcohol or other substances will be disqualified and removed from the Powwow grounds.

9.  Contest winners are not required to wear full regalia to receive prizes. However, they must have their registration number during award presentations for verification purposes.

11If any major part of a contestant's regalia is dropped or falls, contestants must  either resign voluntarily by leaving the arena or be disqualified by the Head Judge or Arena Director.

"Major part" of a contestant's regalia can include, for example: eagle feathers, roaches, shawls, etc.


12.  Final decisions regarding these rules rest with the Head Judge, Arena Director, and Powwow Committee Chairs.

Dancer Contesting Rules

Upon registration, all dancers will be subject to the following 12 rules. These rules apply only to dancers. There are, however, 


1.  Judges must disqualify themselves from judging any contests where they are related to any of the contestants. If the judge fails to disqualify themselves, the dancer whom they are related to will be disqualified for that contest session. Both judges and dancers will be responsible for avoiding these conflicts of interest.

2.  Dancers and singers must have a valid Social Security Number (SSN) or Social Insurance Number (SIN) before registration. And contest winners must fill out all additional paperwork to receive their prize.

Additional Contesting Rules for Dancers, Judges, & Singers

Some rules for dancers also apply to judges and singers. While equally important, they have been separated for ease of access for judges and singers.

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